Monday, February 23, 2015

Home Improvement

We've had snow days.  Lordy almighty, have we had snow days!  I had a one day work week because of snow days.  Don't get me wrong-  I am so thankful for the time I have to spend at home with my kids on these days-  I can wake up in my stretchy pants and go the livelong day in them.  It's a double-edged sword when you're a teacher and a mother.  Either you're at work with other kids or you're at home (your FIRST job) with YOUR kids.

We played restaurant every day to keep them brushed up on their change-giving skills (and as a past restaurant employee... you know I had to teach them how to not be that asshole at table whatever...) and how to give a tip.  I'm an Art teacher, so of course you know I also had to make a menu for each day.

I say all of that to justify the snow days that this lady has been getting.  I work either way.  I love it, either way.

This past Friday, we had a snow day, but a few hours between when mommy woke up to help daddy get to work, and when the roads were gonna get bad so I took advantage.

I had some groceries to get (mostly took a "best of" list from the kids for snowed in food) and then I had to get some supplies from Lowe's for mommy to get some projects done on this snow day.

We went to Lowe's.  I'm pretty sure the occupancy was me, my 3 little blonde ducklings walking behind me, and a handful of contractors with 4 wheel drive trucks who were gonna work no matter what.

All I needed was caulk to adhere my faux copper panels to my back spash to finish out my kitchen (minus floors).  I'm a teacher so, if my kids ask questions, I'm going to answer in teacher-mode-  not thinking of anything (like strangers) but the little minds that I am responsible for forming.  The following conversation happened with me ONLY in teacher mode.....  until I realized...

Kawika:  So....  There's a lot of different types of this "caulk".  Does it matter what kind we get?

Me:  Yeah, the type of  caulk you take home depends on what you plan on doing with it when you get home.  For example, I want to stick these plates to the wall when I get home, so I want a clear, adhesive caulk.

The contractors next to us were not only observing, but at this point, they were cracking up.  I just looked at them, raised my arms, and said..  "File this away as conversations you NEVER thought you'd have with your kids."

They were awesome grown-ups and went on to ask the kids if they were successfully aggravating their mother on their snow days.  Yeah.....  I'm the Art Teacher at their school, so they aggravate me 5 days a week.

Yeah, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Today, I was walking through the living room, in frustration, with an armful of vacation laundry, and a brain full of tasks I had yet to complete.  You know...  like ya do...  and I pause to watch the children.  It started as a parental impulse to monitor their entertainment and the appropriateness thereof-  you know-  to make sure they hadn't resumed my last Sopranos episode.  As usual, they had chosen something appropriate and were finding innocent joy in the simple humor when I noticed Kawika staring at me.  

K:  Mommy, do you want to snuggle with me?

My heart melted as quickly as my eyes filled.  This little, soft, adorable, amazing semi-human being is seriously asking if I was willing to lay down and snuggle with him.  I had to set him straight:

Me:  Kawika, and anyone else in this room (the girls) as long as I breathe and even after that, I will always want to cuddle with you.  I may not always be able to stop and do this because of things you'll only understand when you get older, but always know that no matter what I'm doing on this earth, I will always rather be snuggling with you.  When you are a million years old, and I am a million times two and you have kids of your own, I would rather be snuggling with you.  Do you know that?!

(All 3 in unision and eyes rolling):  Yes, mommy.

I'm probably a cheesy sap, but at least they know where I stand.  

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Heart Attack

Today, while I was teaching Art to Pre-K (as all good stories begin...) a sweet little girl walked up to me and told me she was sick.  Discretely- yet thoroughly- I scan the room for any puddles of puke and ask, "What's wrong?" 

With all signs of sincerity on her face:  "Well...  last night I had a heart attack." 

She was totally serious.  With my best poker face (because this girl was not kidding)

"Well then congratulations on your speedy recovery."

Apparently, it got pretty serious last night when her mom let her watch a Halloween cartoon.  That cartoon scared her so much, it gave her a heart attack half to death; but she got better and came to school anyway. 

That's a survivor.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Typical Insanity

As I've been looking back and reading past posts of the blog lately, I realized how I've missed having a place to document the typical insanity that transpires in our family.  I have a horrible memory and this is the only way I'll remember some of this stuff.  I realized that fully today when I had this experience with Leliea today:

We were cleaning out the fridge.  I started the job-  pulling everything out and really, really cleaning it-  when Leilea came spinning and skipping and singing into the kitchen, as girls like her do.  She is a really, really good helper, so I put her to work immediately.

I've had my hair pulled back in a ponytail today, with an elastic headband to keep all of the little pieces back.

I am almost completely inside the fridge, scrubbing kool-aide stains, when my little helper starts flipping my ponytail.

L-  I love your ponytail, mommy.
Me-  Thanks, Leilea.
L-  (pointing to my headband) What's this?
Me-  A headband.
L-  How 'bout let's not wear this when you leave the house, okay?  ...but I love your ponytail, mommy. 

I don't ever want to forget stuff like that. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011


The little one is 3 now.  Where has time gone?

 I've often referred to her as the exclamation point at the end of our family sentence and never has this been more true. 

She had our hearts at day one when she came into this family in a hurry.

She has captured the hearts of many.
 ...and the funny bones. 
 She's not afraid of much.
 She makes us gasp,

 and hide our eyes....

 but this is Leilea's world and we're all just living in it.  

We're just here to keep her grounded.

Happy birthday, little one.  My, how time flies.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dirty Thirty

I always post on here for everyone else's birthdays. This year, I thought I'd post one for me.
I'm 30.

Do you remember when that was old? Maybe it still is. The truth is, I still feel the same that I did when I was 17. My life is different, with different and hopefully more evolved hopes, fears, dreams... but I'm still me.

I guess I always thought that when I was 30, I'd be magically transformed into a woman with a perm, a pantsuit, and pumps who doesn't think poop is funny.

No pantsuit, no perm, no pumps, and poop is definitely still funny.

I don't even realize I'm getting older until I'm slapped in the face with reality. I went to the doctor several months ago for a spot on my face. Being fair-skinned and having a love/hate relationship with the sun, I try to keep an eye on things so I went to the dermatologist. She took one look at it and said, "It's not cancer. You're just getting older. It's an age thing." What?!?! When I go to the doctor to get something checked out, the reason is usually, "Well, you've had 3 kids." I knew this particular problem wasn't the result of any postnatal mishap but it's never been age.

It's not that I mind getting older. It's better than the alternative. I won't even mind going gray or getting wrinkles. I've always admired the silver hair of a well-aged woman. I used to wish I had the laugh lines I saw in the faces of my relatives. I thought crow's feet were cool- like a badge of honor.

I don't want to be in high school again. Age seems to dull the drama of the teenage life, and that was very welcome. At 30, I have more confidence (or lack of concern for acceptance), I'm more organized (I know- it was worse), and I really do know more. I like where I am and I'm glad for every minute that has carried me here.

What would my teenage self say about me now?

I always wanted to be an art teacher, and here I am.

I never thought I'd have kids and now I'm crawling with them.If I'd known my kids and how cool they'd be, I would have planned on them years ago. I'd be surprised but excited.

I never thought I'd marry John, but, again, back then, I didn't know the John I married. He's perfect for me.
Do people really make lists like on the movies of things they "have" to accomplish by the time they're 30, or 40, or whenever? I've always been a come-what-may kind of person but if I had made a list then it would have been drastically different. I just would have re-written it a million times along the way so that I would end up exactly where I am today. Yup, I'm 30. I've lost the ability to pull an all-nighter and I have looked at a group of teenagers and uttered the phrase "Kids these days...." I sign report cards, and file claims with my homeowners insurance. I think some music on the radio us just noise, and most teenage boys need haircuts. I may wear sunscreen every day and pass up clothes at the store that I like because it looks "too young" but mark my words: I will never own a pantsuit, pumps, or get a perm- even when I earn my grey hair and crow's feet.

Kawika's 4!

Blogging has been way down on my list of things to do lately. Honestly, we've been so cought up in living life lately that I haven't had time to write about it. Whatever the reason, I can't let Kawika's birthday post pass me by.

Yeah, Kawika turned 4 in May. I'm happy to report that this little boy is still the kindest, softest, squishiest, most cuddly kid I've ever met. Here's a breakdown of a few of my favorite things about this boy at this point:

*The kid seriously has the softest skin I've ever touched. Always has.*Of all the kids, he's always the first in line for hugs and kisses.*His ears are squishy and movable. They flop when he runs, and even flap in strong wind. When he gets tired, he plays with them and folds them into his head and pops them out.*He tells me when I make his heart happy. (unfortunately for my heart, he also tells me when I make his heart sad)*He really loves his mommy. That's my favorite.
*His idea of the ideal meal always starts and sometimes ends with peanut butter and jelly.*He maintains his own in this house of strong-willed sisters. ...and loves them very much.*He's my artist. The girls like to make art, but Kawika goes about it differently and looks at things in a way that amazes me.Whatever life has in store for Kawika, my biggest hope for him is that he stays just the way he has been for the past 4 years. Happy birthday sweet boy.